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Dear Fediverse,

I’m sorry for the Marrot, it was my fault that it found you all.

-The Intern

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Hello! I'm 14bit, internet dragon and game designer! I specialize in board game and level design, particularly for .

I stream TF2 level design, and do the contest announcement videos for, where I'm a staff member

I've been on 93 unique roller coasters; soon to be 109!

Currently working on a heist-themed board game, and a detective game about a small town where ideas act as currency and can be lost forever

Valve release the editor now you cowards, I want to play with Hammer 2

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Whew, I had 10 desktops open at once for that last session of prepping shitposts

@hyperlink Finally got around to cleaning this up, it's about as close as I can get to the original now

14bit booped

Before You Go
In The Crafting
Table, Make
Sure Your Safe.

When trying to copy-paste in the URL for the Slack workspace of my class, I accidentally pasted in @hyperlink's name on Slack that he was using when he left:

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@14bit me when i quit a job: trucks be like broom vrrrp baamp honk hokn boooooom

Today's attempt at online classes will be handled through Slack.

The last time I used Slack was when I was still coworkers with @hyperlink.

When I opened Slack to log in to my class, I was greeted with the final message hyperlink sent me before we both left:

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The professors are calling in another professor via a PHONE CALL because they don't know how to join a Discord server, this is incredible

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Most of us have bailed to Discord, and we're watching the video feed of the professors on Hangouts talk about how they don't know how Discord works

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I'm legitimately in a class that is trying to meet via Google Hangouts right now, and it's a horrible mess.

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All classes move online. Zoom is unable to handle the server load of every campus in the country, so professors seek out other methods.

One professor announces they are now hosting classes in a Garry's Mod DarkRP server.

Another moves to World of Warcraft.

Someone opens a Minecraft server with a 1:1 recreation of campus.

Chaos ensues.

Coronavirus, funny quote from one of my friends about trying to obtain koi fish 

My roommate found me and let me into the radio studio early since works here sometimes

It’s so quiet in here, it’s beautiful

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Oh no I got the time wrong I have to live through another hour+ of this and none of it has stopped

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Someone just ran across the main room towards the screaming and yelled “YEAH, LET’S GO!” and then disappeared.

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Hm, there’s screaming from another corner of the building now

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Oh, choir music has joined the chaotic mix that is the student center this Wednesday eve

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I am currently experiencing both floor-shaking bass from below and emotional live piano from above simultaneously in a liminal space that has far fewer people in it than usual, and I’m really not sure what to do about it since I’ve still got 40 minutes until the radio show I help with

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