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In the spirit of the (re)introductions going about...

πŸ‘‹ Yo everyone! I'm Cassie, a border collie girl who's very dog and (hopefully) very good.

🎸 I tend to bark about music, cooking, and clothes a lot, and I've been working my way towards becoming a digital painter and comic artist.

:heart_nb: I'm intersex IRL, and have been taking steps towards transitioning. I'm trying my best and figuring things out, but... I'm excited~

🐢 I tend to be silly, emotional, and wag at just about everything.

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I am. So tempted to woof around and ask for suggestions for newer anime to watch. cwc

can you imagine a shark just resting its head in your lap

are sharks just water dogs

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Tuesday, April 16, 8am in Oakland.
66th Ave & Coliseum Way.
Alameda County evicting 35-40 people after rousts, arrests last week.
Bring cameras, breakfast, trashbags, water.

It's very much a "wanting to give my friends hugs and make sure they're doing okay" night. u.u

Notre Dame isn't some confederate statue erected in 1970. This was a world history site. We won't get it back. It's a tragedy, let people grieve. We know the RCC was shit, we know France was shit, but Notre Dame wasn't entirely shit. I'd cry if the Taj Mahal collapsed or if the Hagia Sophia was destroyed, it's not all about religion or the West or whatever you want to make it about. Sometimes it's just about the art and history itself.

All of civilization, all of the things we do on this earth are temporary and mortal and it is painful to admit so. Nothing lasts forever, not even these things that feel like they've been here forever.

Little Pleasures: Positivity Edition.

I think everyone could use a bit of positive on their timelines right now, so what are some little pleasures you have? Opening old books? First bite of a fresh baked cookie? Running your hand along something smooth? Discuss!

These new piercings aren't hurting at all and make me feel super gay, so all's well. ;w;

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Gonna do a Queer Cat Cafe Q&A/AMA stream tonight! Going into detailing the record, upcoming streams, the podcast, and anything else! Join me tonight at 8 PM EST on

Submit questions for the stream at

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Hey, french guy here: please try to follow @LexYeen's example and CW your posts about Notre Dame
I know this is not gonna last, but it'd be sensitive to do so. If it's done for political events of any kind in the US, please do it for France and other cultures also.

Green and purple are really starting to become my go-to clothing colors. ;w;

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