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In the spirit of the (re)introductions going about...

πŸ‘‹ Yo everyone! I'm Cassie, a border collie girl who's very dog and (hopefully) very good.

🎸 I tend to bark about music, cooking, and clothes a lot, and I've been working my way towards becoming a digital painter and comic artist.

:heart_nb: I'm intersex IRL, and have been taking steps towards transitioning. I'm trying my best and figuring things out, but... I'm excited~

🐢 I tend to be silly, emotional, and wag at just about everything.

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PUP 101: Intro to Cassie Show more

I am heavy blepin's dog. And this:
*pokes tongue out*
Is my blepin'.

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It's definitely an Against Me!/TDB kind of day, tbh. =w=

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I wish my dealer's den time wasn't so unfortunately overlapping the meet ;w;

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