Pup'n Music

You boop buttons to a song, but also have to bark at the game on cue. =w=

Hung out with @pawcelot at Japantown tonight and it was AWESOME πŸ’œ

Anyone in my life: *is visiting San Francisco*

Gender musings (~) 

Gender musings (~) 

Lowkey disappointed that we use "mortuary school" instead of "higher deaducation"

Macro things, wolf butt 

Also, because I'm ridiculous, here's the metal album cover version. 🀘

Quick messy doodle of an outfit ref for a commish I'm getting.

It's a comfy-shaped werewolf...

kirin lady wrestler, low angle 

Selfie, eye contact 

"Party Police" by Alvvays is such a wonderful track... 🎡

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