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Operating a bakery is probably a ton of work, but I have to admit... I wish I could do it. ;w; That or running a cafe or somesuch.

I don't have a great September pun, but I want to be a werewolf this month anyway. ;w;

Tfw you're unironically considering buying yourself a vaporwave t-shirt...

Depression/MH related talk (-) 

Streaming self-promotion 

Streaming self-promotion 

Tempted to stream some speedrunning of my own a bit tonight. ;w; GTA V - All Stoont Joomps I am. Really looking forward to this Iglooghost collaborative album. ;w; It's shaping up to be a neat project~


Game stream self-promotion 

Le foobs 

If a sergal goes out of their way to say abrasive, confrontational stuff, would they be considered a wedgelord.


Rambling about art, slightly - 

Stream, Self-Promo 

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