@LexYeen nah, Zeny and I have referenced snouts-branded adultswim bumpers for a while and then JDL made one last night so I got in on it too lmao

@Ace What's the [snouts.online] broadcast schedule tonight?


the 10pm block is a fresh disaster lemme tell ya

@tonitonirocca finally, dogs getting some attention for once in the fandom

Technically bears are fat dogs with knives for fingers

@Galuade @Ace the same thing could be said about birds! What are birds? We just don’t know

@Ace Woah, these are some good beats, like, adult swim bump music, did you make the music yourself? :O!

@Mottie nope! the song is actually a classic adultswim bumper, and it RULES youtube.com/watch?v=HS8kchdwFP

@Ace i, really love the execution here omg. the timing, presentation, MUSIC, incredible

@cosine I would absolutely LOVE to see more user bumpers for other instances tbh

@Ace YES, and right, that's how i know this style

@Ace Holy shit, Ace

Obligatory [music and times eastern] followed by the current schedule

@Ace @masanbol isn't this just the opening of the fucking Mentalist

@Ace @masanbol also are otters slimy because that just makes pet otters more depressing if they're just slimy scream monsters

@tahajin I have been given a gift and must use it as irresponsibly as possible

@starwall we had a period where we made a ton of bumpers, it was super fun!!! JDL's were amazing youtube.com/watch?v=XZnnIXEvVy

@Ace so what's the problem with being slimy then, ace?

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