Jeb Bush Spotted With Insane Clown Posse Frontman At Furry Convention, Hates His Dad

@Manik @Ace this. I want to hear Violent J on Barking Points.

@Ace this is it, snouts has peaked, it's all downhill from here.

@Ace Yes, accelerate the complete breakdown of reality as we know it. Free us from the construct.

@Thaminga i asked if it was cool and he literally said “jeb bush is kinda random but ok”

@Ace Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?


@Ace well that is just an entire thing right there

@Ace This is the first toot to ever make me put my phone down.

So goddamn surreal, this is.

@Ace ace, these juggalo markings on that suit are triggering some kind of fight or flight thing in me

@Pawdraig @Ace that suit with the juggalo markings is quite literally violent j, the frontman of insane clown posse

@jortsmaxkeeble @Ace ok, he keeps that motherfukkin hatchet on im, is that his daughter next to him AaaaaaaaAaaa

@Ace heck

This is so surreal. I love his fursuit though. The markings are pretty cool tbh

Absolutely dope to see this. XD

Also, insert request for Ruby and J to be on Barking Points number .... 30?

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