@LexYeen powerful and I have hundreds of each to pass around at cons!!!

@Ace Is there a webshop? My congoing days are long behind me, but I would *love* a CW sticker for my writing machine...

@alexis nope! I’m a little wary of selling them, mostly since asultswim and twitter might have some arcane trademarks that I’m worried about flouting and ending up in hot water over, so I’m gonna be passing them around for free at furry cons

@alexis that being said I’d be happy to try to get them in everyone’s hands if you know anyone attending anytime soon! Or maybe I can send you the template and site I ordered off?

@Ace That’s sweet of you but it really has been a long long time and I’m no longer anywhere near the scene! I could do something with the template and site, though, if you don’t mind sharing, and thank you so much for the offer!

@kitsuneflame absolutely!! I’m gonna try to get a network set up where folks can pass them around at cons

@Ace did you order these? Just wondering how you do the custom shapes

@GlitterDisaster I did order them! Stickerapp has custom shape cuts that are admittedly a little more costly than squares and rectangles but it’s intoxicatingly easy to order

@zepp if you're ever at a con you're getting fistfuls

@Ace gotta fly my ass all the way from nz aaaaa one day !

@Galuade I’m gonna try to make sure they’re around at cons for folks to pass out!

@Rei @Galuade yes!!! I immediately tossed a bunch on my laptop and they’re quality

. . .

This makes me want to join that instance like nothing ever has. xP


I am afraid, Ace, what if… what if there are furries there?


@Ace yes excellent. Will any be down Furry Fiesta way here in a monthish?

@Savrin hmmm! I have enough that I can send a bunch with someone! I can also maybe mail some?

@a_puma01 they’ll be there, whether or not I am! :>

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