ME TODAY, A FOOL: I'm just going to call [shitty chain bank] so I can stop banking with them now that I have a local one
[SHITTY CHAIN BANK]: *revs up waiting music*

the longer I'm on the line, the choppier the waiting music is getting

@Ace this is me with my insurance company

@Ace I had to use a chain when I was in Utah cause I couldn't use a local and it was a pain. Im back to a local now and thank god too cause the chain one was draining my savings fast

@Ace Luckily I canceled via email, idk what chain your using but if you used the same one I did you can email and they get rid of your account within a day

@Ace "We're sorry, due to an outage in our data centers, we are unable to serve our customers in any conceivable way."

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