@Ace G-sheps are the best. Used to have one until a few years ago. Very Good boy

@Reido they are!!!! they're very sweet and friendly family dogs that have been done completely dirty by the cops

@Ace My G-Shep, Sammy was such a good boy. Fluffy as all heck loved to munch on pretzles and swam in the pool so much it made his fur a nightmare to brush. He was dumb as a sack of hammers abd the sweetest dog i ever had. The ultimate good boi ❤️

@Ace makes me wanna play paper mario huff The Best Games, True Classics, Good Stuff

@shel TTYD is so choice!!! I did a 10HP run of it with Ryan back in college, good memories

@Ace !!! that's wild!!! you must be very very good at paper mario!!! also yeah paper mario and TTYD are ofc the only real ones, SPM is uhhh Special.... and the rest aren't real and never existed and didn't happen

@shel The trick is getting to 1HP and applying badges that boost attack while in peril! You end up doing 10HP of damage per individual jump and basically power through bosses in one or two turns

@ShugoWah I edit videos to own myself, a true labor of love

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