“(coworker) just joined telegram”

lol lmao lmfaoooo

@Ace i've never been happier that telegram accounts delete themselves after a year

@Ace could be worse, could be your estranged brother yikes yikes yikes

@masanbol it’s 2019 I’m gonna be a dang dog online lmao

@Ace @masanbol This is where I am. Everything is hecked and not being cool with furries is a huge red flag, so it's a good filter.

@hyperlink he’s aggressively normal but I dig him enough, he can ride

@Ace ah i see. a classic Inverse Intern Scenario

@Ace this is me with family members followed by panic and trying to find every conceivable way to not message them
please don't look at my furry pfp thank u

@Ace one of the long list of reasons I use a google voice number lmao

@roxy I am a dumbass but also a powerful dumbass let’s see how this plays out

@Ace this was me like 2 weeks ago saying “oh no” in my head

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