heads-up: Barstool Sports is moving to telegram so if a ton of folks suddenly pop up that otherwise would probably have never joined there you go

might be a good opportunity to deny telegram access to your phone contacts if you're worried about privacy in that regard

@Ace Oh gods, isn't that site run by a raging twat? :blobfearful:

@Ace @Jo War Crimes Chat, hosted by Tweets McUnionbuster.

@Ace unfortunately that won't help. If they have your phone number, they'll be informed you're a potential contact. Denying Telegram access to your contacts doesn't prevent this.

@Ace The only way to avoid this was to have never given them your phone number in the first place. :|

@salameleon @Ace A very recent update changed this, allowing you to make it so only people you already have as contacts can find you by number (settings>privacy & security>phone number>who can find me by my number?; it only appears when "who can see my phone number" is set to "nobody")

@starseeker @Ace Thanks for the tip. Looks like that protection is opt-in, but it's something that pretty much everyone should change.

@Ace I signed up under a Google Voice number so my contacts wouldn't find me lmao

@Felthry A blog. Here's a wiki page I just found that ought to help.

And this is the founder, to give you an idea of its target market:

@Felthry @Ace It's the bro-iest sports site around. Its founder, Dave Portnoy, is a right-wing, sexist, anti-union douchebag.

People that call him out on their bullshit often get harassed and doxxed by the site's fans.

Here's a good piece that details the awful site:

@AndyDershon @Felthry didn't know about the doxxing, christ almighty

@Ace @Felthry I'm not TOO sure if they've ever doxxed someone, but it wouldn't surprise me.

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