Please take a moment to write MFF an email about banning Milo, it is worth the five minutes

@Ace on the plus side, if he does go i can't wait to see what kinds of stuff people throw at him

@Kat I have opinions about what people should do in his presence but I legally should not say them online

@Ace is he going to have a panel or is he just gonna

be there

@Kat he's just gonna be there but folks would be deluded to think he'd be there alone, he's gonna Bring In A Crowd

@Ace god i'm surprised he can still get a crowd

if they can't block him from attending what can people actually do

@Kat it's not gonna be huge but I mean even a dozen people can start a brawl and lord knows that's the plan

@Kat also they can block him is the thing, MFF is a private event, there is no legal obligation to let him in

@Ace sure, but god only knows what the people running it will end up choosing

on an unrelated note, i wonder how cheap clown noses are in bulk

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