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Also heya, thank you to @GavinWolf for this !!! Earbuds are hard when you're a dang animal but they've got it on lock

they did the hell out of the thing and the video really doesn’t do their energy justice

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Hey y’all! The Stop ‘N Shop strike is entering day 3 and Stoppie is trying to bring in scabs — if you can get involved in a picket line and make some noise, now’s the time!!! Please see if you can get to one nearby in your state, there’s strength in numbers!!!

Good evening Snouts! This is brought to you by @Jouigi! This is our twelfth and final unique submission for mascots so far, so next week we'll be looping back with a classic booper! Until then, please enjoy this friendly and lively snoot!

Hey everybody! This is brought to you by @AylorSot! He was kind enough to provide us with a new snout to protect our posts. Are they... a booperhero?

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