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Happy ! @malle_yeno's mascot here seems up to no good, which is pretty par for the course around these parts

Hey y'all! Snouts is finally up-to-date on 2.9.2! Along with the standard three-column format most of us know on web, there is now a toggle available for a nifty lil 1-column interface! If you're interested in checking it out yourself, go to your account preferences and look under the appearance tab for "Enable advanced web interface." Turn that off and you're all set!

And if you're like me and prefer having multiple columns then don't do a dang thing (it's opt-in)

Hey y'all! Happy early ! @violetmagician's snouthaver is dressed up and ready for colder climates despite the uhhh *checks weather indexes* record heat waves


Happy ! @Pyradox drew this very strange dog! Bonus points for her very fluffy, un-dog-like tail! A creative take on a dog, if you ask me

Happy ! @ShugoWah drew this strange dog with an aerodynamic snoot, whatever they are. it is a mystery

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hey everybody! this comes to you from @gnarlyanimal!! cats typically have small lil' snouts but the rest of Brutus is big enough to make up for it!

cursed food 

also hey, if any of you want the following editing software for free, hit me up for a code. I might have claimed Movie Studio by accident(?) but it doesn't hurt to ask and see. The rest are absolutely unused and up for grabs

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