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Can someone help me? I can't get to this area over here?? even when I spin quickly at it I still can't get there

@AzureHusky Celeste is hands-down the most important platformer I’ve ever played, even if it isn’t my all-time favorite

@Violet I am so incredibly impressed with their drummer

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the technical skill on display here is amazing, what the fuck

@rey if 10pm hornyposting hasn’t scared off the nonfurries from snouts yet then nothing ever will

The nonfurries on snouts give me life y’all are handlers at the digital doggy daycare

Evangelion 3.33: You (Or Your Memories)

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I checked into a bargain priced room on La Cienaga
Gazed out through the curtains of the parking lot
Walked down to the corner store just before nightfall in my bare feet
Black tarry asphalt, soft and hot
And when I came back I spread out my supplies
On the counter by the sink
I looked myself right in the eyes

@shel it’s a lovely city dense with interesting artists and great people! from personal experience, the live music scene is excellent, and (as you know) there are lots of cool niche communities all over the place!

I never grew up in what folks often call a “cultural capital” but Boston has a very distinct energy, from its art to its architecture

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@shel upside: cool city
downside: the Sox and Pats

@shel @Zero_Democracy yep! H Jon Benjamin is just EXTREMELY GOOD at improv and shines in almost every single episode

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@Zero_Democracy I highly recommend watching it with fresh eyes, its comedic cadence was so ahead of its time it’s unreal

@Zeny only a handful of jokes across 60 or so episodes didn’t age well, which is a miraculous batting average considering how it might still be the funniest show ever written with fresh eyes in 2019

Home Movies is the most perfect show ever made

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