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Hello! I'm completely new to this sort of thing, but I hope to meet some new folks here! I commission a lot of art, so I'll probably be posting that stuff here as well! Glad to be here!

femmes scare me, dude. how the fuck do you contour. how do you walk in those. why is your purse so heavy. are you like fucking rock lee with that shit? are you going to one day switch into sneakers and a t shirt and fucking punch clean through my chest? can you do that already? jesus christ can i have your number

⚠️ Hyperlink invited you to LETS ALL THROW ICE CUBES AT THE SUN UNTIL IT GET’S COOL DOWN, an event starting in two weeks.

[ Going ] [Interested] [ Not Going ]

(+) food 

(+) food 

beverage take 

History of the singular pronoun "they" 

Love to watch and root for the Rams for some unknown reason

The Sunday Night Football theme song sucks ass actually

(-) food, social anxiety 

(-) food 

(-) food

this is actually a super dope idea for low income folks, i’m gonna order from them and see how it goes

Baa-hom York with the hit song Karma Fleece

Had a dream last night my grandmother bequeathed me a mansion she hadn't used since the 90s so there was nothing but 90s shit in there.

If I somehow inherited a big mansion I'd probably just let my friends live there for free, maybe tank the property values of the local area to make landlords weep in pain as I destroy their income.

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