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Normalize platonic affection among friends.

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Happy Valentine's day everyone! I hope all you couples have a wonderful time today. And to everyone who's single (like myself) don't worry! You can still have a good day i promise!

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i've had this image open in a tab since monday because it's such a relatable mood

Why the fuck does a couch become 7000% more comfy when you're tired. I laid down on mine for just a minute and passed the fuck out

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when your friend gives you a good back rub (kinda suggestive)

Please be sure to locate and pet your local wolves, they're very good boys and girls and deserve the love.

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Been playing Dragon quest 11, I'm having a lot of fun with it .

Oh and Erick is best boy

I see a bunch of hecking cuties who need kisses on here

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Fuuuuuuuck I overslept and feel like I got run over

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