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I'm Ash. A 28 year old anarchist neuro-divergent witch and pansexual enby. She/he/they. Interests include MtG, D&D, video games, horror, mythology and the supernatural, as well as Japanese urban legends. I also watch Youtube videos from Jerma, Vinesauce, LazyGameReviews, PushingUpRoses, Defunctland and brutalmoose.

I love that Luka Megurine is featured in metal music.

Do I dare try to choose a favorite KanColle girl?

Should I apologize for thirsting after kaijus and kaiju girls and gijinkas?

Haven’t watched the movies but from what I have seen, Mothra’s a fucking beautiful queen.

Most people who named birds just subtly give them a horny name but Darwin was like "this is a Bluefooted Boobie."


Want to memorize names of different faeries and elementals.

video games, religion 

And yes. I’m into KanColle ship girls that are 18+. Wish I could remember their names.

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