Hey BLFC party people i’m gonna go bowling tonight at midnight so if you wanna bowl or just hang out as i bowl I AM THERE

I want to swim at BLFC’s pool but... my body really sucks hahaha
I don’t think i can get away with wearing a shirt



they bounce and roll around and are full of multitudes and it's great

i think they are very pretty

oh my god we have a :guillotine: emoji here aww fuck yeah shame it takes forever to load the keyboard on my phone!!!!!

The projared stuff reminds me of the John Ensign stuff from a decade ago, EXTREMELY AWKWARD INFIDELITY.

if i had friends around here i’d probably go here with them a lot
good thing i’m only losing the tacos from the move, i guess

I'm gonna go walk in the dark around my neighborhood to to 24 hour taco place to get taquitos and then walk back a very good use of my time and/or energy

when it comes to my interaction with “queer culture”, furry is prettymuch about it. i never got into dance, drag, camp, whatever the fuck bear/otter/meatmarket identifier aspect is called.
the general image of it projected around me is that it’s something for people who are theatrically extraverted, or joiners, or engage in relationships beyond the platonic; it’s all the kind of things -other people- can do.
i have just as much alienation from queer culture as i do straight cis male culture.

@jeff i think you were trying to describe Etsy But For Weed, homemade, closet-grown shit

was A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court the first isekai novel?

Sorry I don't post as much here as I do other places, I'm just not sure how to vibe right here for some reason.

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