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Podcast is updated, I'm ready to sleep even though all the news is probably gonna be completely crazy soon

i wanna play bloodborne but wanna stream it with friends

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artist: okay, your commission comes out to $20
me, chuckling: I don't think so
artist: ???
me, laughing louder as I tip a bunch: hahahaHAHAHA

work in progress. Does the hand look wrong/awkward to you?

imagine if this was a tree in a desert of black sand and a blue-red sun

i’m growing umbrellas for micro furries

Vinnie played through way too much of Mother 3 without equipping headgear on Lucas.


If Gillette making the logical jump that in order to survive it needs to reflect social norms causes a bunch of conservatives to buy & destroy their product in protest, I think they’ll have mastered the technique to farm right-wingers by negging them.

Come to think of it, I don’t know how to flirt; that particular neuron chain either doesn’t exist or atrophied.

If I had the energy and drive, I'd make a fake workbook zine around this concept

whelp, this old piece is doing very well on twitter hahah

It’s like those “this character is ringing up your coffee and gives you a look what do you do” posts.
I can imagine all sorts of things inside my brain, but my only mental image I can get from those is that it was for the person behind me.

I don’t feel anything from pics where the characters flirting with the viewer or other similar implications because that’s the part where suspension of disbelief fails me these days. Not even in my imagination.
Or maybe Fox/Wolf stuff is boring and this is transference. Anything is possible.

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The creator of Animal Crossing talking about how he made the game because he was lonely and then proceeded to make a game about hanging out with furries is a big mood

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an aesthetic we absolutely missed out on in the 90s and I'm mad about it still

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the moments before sleep
the death of the self that experienced today
a new conscious awaits, again, tomorrow

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