glad i never got into a lotta youtube content, but i was just lucky in that i had no interest in hearing stuff i already knew being explained to me and/or videos of people just effortposting takedowns of other peoples’ dumb videos

i know i should make food but it’s such a pain in the butt

I’m also growing a bunch of wisteria from seeds I’ve collected in hopes of creating my own cultivar. I even tried doing some pollen transfers with a watercolor brush to see if a crossing is possible.
Fingers crossed, it might take years before first flowering.

Did a buncha planting today.
Trying to figure out my configuration and lighting arrangements is taking time but getting somewhere.

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Episode 12! It's about those beautiful Sanderson Sisters--that's right, it's Hocus Pocus time! Come enjoy this extremely good movie again.

As always, please also rate and review us if you get a chance!

And if you listen on Apple/iTunes, for some reason it hasn't uploaded the episode, but Hayden will be fixing that this evening. It has uploaded on all the other podcast apps, tho!

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boring pose and face but just trying to figure out the facial structure and hair simplification

boring pose and face but just trying to figure out the facial structure and hair simplification

in battle it might take me a bit to set up my tricks, but once they go off, it's devastating

Had fun in a pathfinder game tonight! Got a critical hit and blasted a cosmic horrormonster's head into pieces with a ballbearing that suddenly blew up to the size of a cannonball and emitted a sonic boom

Executive function what's your function

This October is gonna blow for me. Gotta head down to San Diego twice this month, one for dental, the 2nd for 2-3 days of annoying family-ish bullshit (it's related to a side of the 'family' that i do not consider family or even people that should be around others but hey legal shit has to be dealt with now) but hey we all have our crosses to bear.

I'm constantly rearranging things, but can never find the right layout. I have moved THE ORBS below.

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I'm willing to forgive gamers for their past crimes if they destroy blizzcon at the end of the month

sometimes i worry that my lack of enthusiasm for the things i used to enjoy is something more than depression

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