Kind of wish notifications were timestamped because I think my total notifications doubled between now and last time I checked, was very confused haha
Thanks for giving bat some loving 🎶

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vore bat do a bellydance Show more

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Another day of terrible winter driving, I do wish I was hibernating instead now

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Oh hey, do we still call this whole thing Mastodon? Or is it Fediverse now? The app I use changed its name and everything went Mastalab to Fedilab.

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What sorta restrictions would your character(s) have on wearing gear? Like it's arguable my bat could really wear shirts or pants but maybe he'd have extra earring slots

And would there be restrictions? Like, could Donald wear earrings?

Kingdom Hearts has a bunch of neat accessories to give you stat boosts and the like, but what if they actually showed up on the characters?
Fashion Hearts

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