i kind of want to play WoW classic for all of ten minutes

trying to do responsible adult things and getting distracted by even the slightest of stimuli

i legitimately wonder if i have some sort of undiagnosed ADD issue :\\\\

i just realized that meowth and koffing have the same face

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charr are my favorite fantasy race ever because i too am just a cat and also fuck god

this post brought 2 u by me staying up for almost like a whole day straight and gushing over the latest patch

if i ever find myself in a position where my job wouldn’t take issue with tattoos, id eventually love to get the black citadel logo somewhere on this MEAT MECH but........ also antikytheria..........


can someone please take a picture of guzma and just airbrush / smooth the fuck out of it

guy at the game store deadass pronounced guzma "gooma"

im back to work after fwa (specifically long ass night shifts with a lot of free time to myself), so if anyone wants to game or something, hmu 👀

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