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10,000 Gems Giveaway (5 Winners - 2,000 Gems each) for @[email protected] @[email protected] !

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Good Luck !

make your mama sad type
make your girlfriend mad type
might seduce your dad type
i’m the big gay, duh

i'm the big gay

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It's time to giveaway some codes! I got 5 codes to giveaway, retweet and comment to get you one!

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I have found the cutest thing in the known universe and it is this duck

sorry ive been completely absent from social media / messengers (even moreso than usual) — ive been spending the past week or so moving in with my partner and handling an, um, not-so-great job situation BUT im getting everything wrangled and promise i am and will be alright

i really want to get into lupin, where should I start?

“im pretty sure his name is stinky”

going into my first “formal” day of work and i cant stop thinking about Jim hopper as coach mcguirk

moved in with partner last night, built a desk and shelf, working all day tomorrow, I GOT THIS

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partner and i just built our first ikea piece together which i feel is some sort of major milestone? i swear that's not a euphemism.

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