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"are you doing a big mow" you ask?

I simply point at my name ^^^^

Ah, yes, my favorite band: Thirst Trap for Cutie

Lyrics posting 🎢 


Callout post for Jay Bruzer:
- Encroaching on my candle-eating brand

here's a candle strategy for all you candleheads out there

love the smell of your candle? leave it lit, let all the wax melt, pour it into a cup, and drink it! or bottle it and take it to work! better than coffee!

listen gamers this is a serious issue in the candle community

candle companies just do not see people like me who will eat everything that smells good

hi there gamersss and welcome to my youtube channel! today I'm reviewing the Yankee Candle Lilac Blossom scented candle. I give this candle a 4/10 because unfortunately it does not taste as good as it smells

I was just reminded of this... **cursed** string of text which came into existence on my "completely garbage posts" Twitter account. 

what's the Watchmen? is that a youtube channel?

If anyone wants to chat on Telegram, shoot me a message at JayBruzer!

duendeposting / lewd / size teasing 

*forgets an important CW*

Ah! I'll just redraft

*someone likes/boosts the post right as I'm redrafting it*


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