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"are you doing a big mow" you ask?

I simply point at my name ^^^^

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I'd love to write an Harry Potter fic where Harry discovers the difference between the standardized, upper-class magic of Hogwarts, vs. the working-class, communal folk magic, and decides to just drop out and become a commie

I call it Harry Potter and the Means of Production

Bobby is the sleepiest boy I've ever known

"men's" and "women's" styles shouldn't be gendered. There's masc and femme, sure, those umbrellas for style do kinda exist, but I don't care if what I wear is "meant for" a specific gender. I don't wanna hear that anymore lmao

Also I'd rather not buy from Primark anyway. Fashion brain was just tempted

I saw this awesome powerful look at Primark but I'm an XL in women's sizes and they were all too small

I need it tho!!!! I want more femme clothing, all I have is boring men's clothes

Affection request 

So my boyfriend's fursona, Hyrgan, smells like mint. Also they're a major short boy

My fursona is a cat. Cats loooove catnip. Mint is related to catnip and the effects are similar

So I like to imagine that when Hyrgan gets home from work, or a jog, or something, Jay grabs them like a teddy bear, stuffs his nose in their headfur, and rolls around on the floor, kicking his feet about and giggling

Honestly I'm really happy about the fact that I'm dating someone with the same sexual orientation and a very similar gender identity

Most people have that friend who uses a fuckton of emoji all the dang time and in my case, I'm literally dating that friend

put every LEO* into LEO**

*law enforcement officer
** low earth orbit


Look, it's silly, but that's a good thing. It's mostly just cutesy stuff and that is my JAM

I love how all the late 2000s furry culture stuff that people decided was """cringe""" is to some extent being re-embraced

And I *glomp*

I've been super quiet on here the past few days because of a whole bunch of emotional shit

Future possibilities 

Future possibilities 

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