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"are you doing a big mow" you ask?

I simply point at my name ^^^^

Signal boosting for a friend in need of help 

what would you do... if a 9-foot-tall liger beast were right in front of you

mh ~ 

Lewd fursona art 

re: CuriousCat answer / Food 

CuriousCat answer / Food 

@Bruzer a garish and ingenious parody of this absurd symbol of imperialism

I'm about to watch the new Invader Zim movie with @hyrgan!!

"I'll call you later." Don't call me later, call me Dad.

What if, on top of smooching my sona's whiskers or cheeks, you also smooched his big ol' teeth? Like, smooching the tooth as a quick hello

weird affectionate 

mh (-) / vague 

mh (-) / vague 

Seeing pronouns in a complete stranger's bio is to gamers what salt is to slugs

Polyamory thoughts 

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