Techbros will invent the most absurd, complex, and unnecessary things to "solve traffic" as though they've never even heard of like... Trains... And buses...

Just build more trains and buses...

@PsyChuan Trams are a kind of train, I'd say I included it!

racism & classism 

@Bruzer Honestly, I sympathize here.

I write code. I can't build trains and buses, and the political and economic machinery behind why America has awful mass transit is a tangled knot I don't know how to untie.

But I can write code. So maybe there's some way to take a hammer and make a problem look like a nail.

I can't blame techbros for this.

@Bruzer I saw someone in a YouTube video call this kind of project a "gadgetbahn" (bahn as in German for rail or train), a term coined by the blog Catbus:

The thing about trains and buses, besides people hating them for racist and classist reasons, is that they exist, we know how they work, and we know how much they cost. The value of the gadgetbahn is that they don't exist, we don't know how they work, and we don't know how much they cost, so the people selling one can make up imaginary reasons why it will be better and cheaper than the trains and buses they steal funding from.

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