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Since almost all art I got last year was heavily stylized for the Twitch channel and I've had trouble having commissions be consistent, I got a reference sheet from @ JungaBeast on Twitter

Now it's there for all your fanart needs.

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Hi, here's a pinned toot of stuff I do and ways to contact me.



Discord server:

E-mail: miodrag.kovachevic [at] gmail [dot] com

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I'm enjoying Animal Crossing because it helps me maintain some sense of order and control over life atm.

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A few people told me I should time travel in ACNH but honestly I want to check out the pacing as its meant to be played because I also research every game I play ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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"Neman" means ugly, nonsense and monster (among other things), but he's actually a sweet dragon most of the time.

Not pictured: most of the time.

(Art by @/Komorosh on birdsite)

I got another profile icon commission finished, but I just put up this one so I need to wait some time to get more out of it >.>

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