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Since almost all art I got last year was heavily stylized for the Twitch channel and I've had trouble having commissions be consistent, I got a reference sheet from @ JungaBeast on Twitter

Now it's there for all your fanart needs.

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Hi, here's a pinned toot of stuff I do and ways to contact me.



Discord server:

E-mail: miodrag.kovachevic [at] gmail [dot] com

Going dark from social media for a while.

Will post stream notifications.

Normal brain: "Use Giant Growth to deal more damage."

Expanded brain: "Use Giant Growth as a response to prevent creature from dying."

Galaxy brain: "Use Giant Growth to ramp Ghalta."

Here's a preview of the bartender (beartender?) set coming out next month!

Contains two clothing styles with two color schemes, as well as a BUNCH of animated cocktails and drinks.

On Wednesday May 22nd, you'll have the opportunity to beat me up live on stream! I will be hosting PARSEC matches and accepting challengers.

Instructions in attached image.


Stream is on May 22 4PM EST/10PM CEST on

Thanks for watching Sonic Unleashed!

Next stream is on Sunday. We're skipping Friday since I have other obligations.

Here's the state of the bingo so far.

Shoutouts to that one time Bandai decided to give Jotaro Kujo a digimon fursona.

Master System Everdrive has arrived so now I'm messing around with a bunch of MS games I never played on original hardware.

I'm not at a channel rank where I could even choose to make money off it yet, and I'm currently focused on just having fun and experimenting with what I can do with it anyway. There's a lot of little doo-dads and widgets out there that could be fun to toy around with. Trivia chatbots and whatnot.

I'm coming up to the end of Battle Chef Brigade on stream tonight, and it'd be nice to have people come by, hang out and if we hit the end early, help me deliberate what to do next!

I stream every Tuesday and Thursday nights, and have been juggling with the idea of adding Saturday, energy allowing. Everyone's welcome to come on by, or not, it's up to you. Tonight it's at 6 PM EST on my twitch channel.

Like @micolithe and @zac are my favorite snouts couple. They're so adorable together.

The Mummy for the PS1 is the pinnacle of volume slider UI design.

Thanks for watching the PS1 demo disc stream!

Tomorrow we wrap up Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.

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