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Hi, here's a pinned toot of stuff I do and ways to contact me.



Discord server:

E-mail: miodrag.kovachevic [at] gmail [dot] com

I use birdsite for networking, keeping in touch and self promo. I use Masto to meet new cool folk and talk about stuff I otherwise couldn't.

I thought initially this was just another social network and I wanted to jump in early, but as soon as I stopped viewing it like that, I started having a better time here and feeling more motivate to hang out here

Finally finished all my Fortnite challenges. Probably gonna get the full battle pass unlocked with next week's batch.

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Apologies for the technical issues during the stream. My Internet was acting up.

Thank you for watching the Ace Combat 7 VR stream! The VR missions were extremely terrifying and I wanted to die.

This wish to die will continue on Sunday when we stream more INFERNO CLIMBER.

Happy Weekend!

When people claim the "A" in "LGBTQIA+" stands for "Ally"

Buckle up, tonight's stream takes us to the virtual skies with Ace Combat 7's VR mode.

Dog fights, showcases and air shows at 4PM EST/10PM Swedish on

Join in and earn a while I earn my stripes.

A lot of folks sent me bears. You're all real good.

I wish Tusky would remember the last privacy setting you used instead of defaulting to public

Some stuff. So nice to see all these cute bears!🐻

@Burr another pic of Q Girl. Given the nature of this game, these are the only official depictions 🤷‍♂️

@Burr Like this guy! He has clothes and everything.

@Burr Aaaaa you'd know! Thank you. I'll close with this extravagantly concerned fellow.

This concludes Operation Bear-Drop. o7

@Burr It isn't signed, but I'm 99% sure Brad Neely drew this in a /tg/ thread years ago on request. It is blessed.

@Burr First is yours truly throughout the years, because, well, I mean...*gestures*

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