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Since almost all art I got last year was heavily stylized for the Twitch channel and I've had trouble having commissions be consistent, I got a reference sheet from @ JungaBeast on Twitter

Now it's there for all your fanart needs.

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Hi, here's a pinned toot of stuff I do and ways to contact me.



Discord server:

E-mail: miodrag.kovachevic [at] gmail [dot] com

Here is a Halloween YCH costume commission I got from @ YenDraws on Twitter.


Stream/self promo 

Surge 2 achievement spoiler 

Thank you all for watching the Surge 2 stream! The game is definitely real good outside of boss fights. I like it.

Surge continues on Wednesday, but tomorrow we're doing Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2 with Six!

Achieved what I wanted this weekend. Go me.

Code Vein, OC 

I'm bringing back Deckember this year. During December, I'll stream as many fighting games as I can, regardless of their quality.

You can suggest up to 5 games here:

My friend tried out Wipeout VR and had to stop because he got motion sick. He seemed to like the VR though.

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