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While being suspended from hellsite is nice and all (they lock accounts on sight for botting and request a phone number, which they won't accept) it does put a damper on my ability to, you know, live.

If you like my ramblings, please consider tossing a few dollars in the cup to pull my bank out of the negatives

Sometimes someone changes their icon and their entire personality changes. Icons have power.

Nice middle name, did your grandma give it to you?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo AKA Be Gay, Do Crime

Tying a sub to a chair just to rant to them about how much of a technological marvel Final Fantasy as a series has been

Probably the least sexual question about latex kink ever (2) Show more

Probably the least sexual question about latex kink ever Show more

Anyone have survival game recommendations that aren't the "big ones" (Don't Starve, Minecraft, Terraria, etc.)?

My girlfriend and I love them, but we've run out of new ones to play

The artist who did my avatar isn't a furry these days, which is bittersweet because I can't get more, but also I have a limited edition

If I were a Star Wars, I simply would not have cloned wars to begin with

Cats movie leak Show more

Cats looked at the Sonic movie and went "yeah okay that but more"

Making fun of Matpat may be low hanging fruit, but I've never been one to turn away froot

I miss having a cat around. Cats are neat

I just realized Kill The Poor is basically the nuclear-age version of A Modest Proposal

"So what are we gonna do with this franchise that is a blatant ripoff of .hack that works solely on the premise of being an MMO?"

"Easy. Like four singleplayer games."

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The year is 2019. It's now a political statement to say you don't find Pewdiepie funny.

Just got the random intrusive thought about how "elemeno" is said as one word in the alphabet song

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