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While being suspended from hellsite is nice and all (they lock accounts on sight for botting and request a phone number, which they won't accept) it does put a damper on my ability to, you know, live.

If you like my ramblings, please consider tossing a few dollars in the cup to pull my bank out of the negatives

Yeah, the RP1 protagonist is a gunter. That's an actual thing the author thought sounded cyberpunk

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For those who didn't read/watch RP1, would you believe me if I told you that the protagonist is called a "gunter" which is short for "easter egg hunter" for some reason?

You ever think about how strange it is for MMOs not based on a pre-existing property to use the suffix "Online?"


Really unfortunate that nobody has made art of the pun "Noriaki Katkyoin"

It sucks how boomers got to write a lot of shows for kids. A notable side effect of that is how boomers boiled everything, and because of that, were convinced kids just hated broccoli and brussel sprouts by nature

Homestuck's actual contribution to the world was providing a piecemeal set of linguistic traits that could be used by systems to differentiate headmates in text, prove me wrong

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character sales, basically e-begging 

The wars of the future will be fought with "samurai swords" bought off of Amazon for $50

When someone vagues discourse on Fedi, but I only have the vague and no context

character sales, basically e-begging 

character sales, basically e-begging 

It's actually a bit worrying how many pop songs about breakups involve a girl "suddenly being rude for no reason" and then leaving the guy. The lack of self awareness is astounding

"Lately" includes the last, like, 5 years maybe 10. I only ever read the first 2 series

Hey, for anyone who still reads them, are the Warrior Cats books coming out lately any good? Less about me wanting to read them, and more just curiosity how it's doin'

I finally fixed the contrast on my monitor after a few months and

every site is so strange now

EVE Online hits the exact point of simulated authenticity that makes me go "why not just found a company or work for one in real life at this point"

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