It's Christmas day and I'm cleaning my car hahaha, wtf is wrong with me...

Everyone keeps saying merry Christmas you filthy animals. How dare they, I am clean, I had a shower, I ... Oh shiney in dumpster... *rummaging noises* ... What where we talking about?

:raccoon: Merry Chirrmas and happy holidays everyone :raccoon:

I present to you, raccoon on the roof

*phone rings*
Ugh, why do people always call while I'm doing things...

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Finnaly done work. TMI Tuesday, ask me things if you want.

Playing the first Sly Cooper of the first time, I may be bias but it's pretty awesome. I'm not great at it but it's cool to see silly death animations that I remember from ps1/ps2 days

Working on the "racecar" today. I know what I'm doing Carl, leave me alone!

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Internet cringe culture needs to die off permanently.

Boost if you agree.

Everyone keeps talking about smash and it just makes me think of shitty memes

Just a reminder, as the prophet predicted the world will be covered in trash and raccoons will inherit the earth.

Today has been good so far, my coveralls have been on fire significantly less times then yesterday.

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Just so y’all know, @CasterRaccoon has some telekinesis shit going on with his rally cars.

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