There are two wolves
Except one is a raccoon
That one is me

Hey you.
Yes you.
What do you have there?
Is that a shiney?
Don't lie to me.
Give it here.

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Got called off work due to freezing rain, ask me anything

THERE'S A RACCOON IN A TREE AT WORK! Sorry I'm excited because I've never seen a raccoon irl before.

So idk if it's the worst smell but it definitely makes the top ten, burnt garbage. We had a dumpster fire yesterday, I cleaned up today, I don't recommend.

It's slow at work so I'm chopping wood, I'm not built for this, I'm dying

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It's Christmas day and I'm cleaning my car hahaha, wtf is wrong with me...

Everyone keeps saying merry Christmas you filthy animals. How dare they, I am clean, I had a shower, I ... Oh shiney in dumpster... *rummaging noises* ... What where we talking about?

:raccoon: Merry Chirrmas and happy holidays everyone :raccoon:

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