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Hi I'm Rae! I love fats, food, my bf, and making friends!
My favorite color is a variation of mint and I have a thing for orcs. I go by she/they and I'm a chill pan & demisexual!

AS A NOTE: I may get horny here, but it's either about a topic or my bf; aka, I won't get horny @ others, so don't get horny @ me (getting horny WITH me about something is a whole different thing)
Also no RP

Feel free to send me a dm here/on discord if you ever wanna just chat!

Here are some of my main sonas πŸ’›

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Warning for fat art, genitals, & implied vore! Show more

sits in ur pool and drinks the water thru my roots

Btw im secretly an alien succulent disguised as a croc now
shhh dont tell anyone


A doodle of my favorite type of boar, cause it's boar time babey

lewd furry art, hyper Show more

COMM CHANCE, big nuts example Show more

COMM CHANCE, big nuts example Show more

COMM CHANCE, big nuts example Show more

.... if i ... open for a $45 single character slot.... would anyone be interested...

chitters as i hold my trident and jab at the boar i hunt

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