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Hi I'm Rae! I love fats, food, my bf, and making friends!
My favorite color is a variation of mint and I have a thing for orcs. I go by she/they and I'm a chill pan & demisexual!

AS A NOTE: I may get horny here, but it's either about a topic or my bf; aka, I won't get horny @ others, so don't get horny @ me (getting horny WITH me about something is a whole different thing)
Also no RP

Feel free to send me a dm here/on discord if you ever wanna just chat!

Here are some of my main sonas πŸ’›

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Warning for fat art, genitals, & implied vore! 

very chubby dragon 

i got a pride pic from @ChonkyLove and i wanted to put a bg on it for a phone wallpaper this month :3


post tf, big belly 

NSFW, Pokemon, Hyper Dick n Nuts, Big ASS 

lmao if you don't meow back at your cat. what are you even doing

thank u for coming to my art dump show *takes a bow*

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