One if my favourites! I used to have a bunch of it :)

Dangerous stuff around other metals though

Okay. I got so sick of that I have up. Between the lack of response for an accessibility feature on GitHub and a couple other issues I have now moved to

So far so good!

@Waces that happened to me when I changed my password, you may need to update your wallet password or set it to not unlock at login

@Oneironott you called? *Stands a bit away, Clifford sized, quadrapedel*

PH (+), MH (+) 

PH (+), MH (+) 

PH (+), MH (+) 

dear Broadcom, 

Food, Ramen, Chicken 

Morning can be defined as " The first or early part; the beginning." Which as far as I am concerned can be used to mean the beginning of YOUR day. Therefore, if you woke up in the last hour, I would classify this as morning still.

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