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So... The forks at this eatery are magnetic, JUST the forks...

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Out of curiosity, when do you and don't you have to CW eye contact?

Does it only apply to living eyes? Or would you need to CW things like Fursuit eyes?

Current Form 

Updating is like playing Russian Roulette... A little library update here, a kernel update there, some application updates peppered all over... Then you pray it boots, if it does, you hope and pray that your applications work, especially ones from the AUR...


Data warning:
You've used 90.10GB of data.

Thanks Android...

This is a Northeastern Wolf-Dragon. At least that's the name I came up with for it. This is what I am, my Theriantype if you will :)

We only have our antlers for the cold seasons, about October to February. We feature a canine-type body with personality traits similar to Dragons, Cats, and Canines.

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