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@Ophillous All you or anyone else ever needs to know about me on this or any other topic can be summed up thusly:

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Snouts posts by volume:
50% "Bark" (incl. variants such as awoo, ararar, various noises, "I'm pupy," etc)
20% "I'm gay/trans/etc"
15% Podcasts
10% Drawn furry lewds
5% Other

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Here is an average snouts exchange:
"Bark. I'm gay."
"Bark! You're gay? Well now you're on my podcast."
"Oh? On bark?"
"Very on bark."
"Bark, I feel bullied. I'm gay. Here's lewd art about it."
"Bark, this made me even more of an enby than I already am. Bark."
"Hey all, the power went out in my whole building and I'm not sure when it's going to be back on so I'm stocking up on provisions while I can, I may be home for a while. I just want to say before I go, bark, also, I'm gay."

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Behind closed doors, hidden away high in a castle somewhere in northern Quebec, the Canadian High Council meets to determine the fate of the nation. At the door, Trudeau dons his jester's outfit for the pleasure of the true head of Canada. "O Great One," Trudeau begins, "We have seen fit to open the Garfield restaurant as You have asked. What more shall we do to lead our nation into Your light?"

"The tail..." hisses Julles back, "Make the cat's tail... out of potatoes. Yum... Delicious..."

time to drive home while listening to SiriusXM U

jenni lsq is my only connection to the real world

i wish they played the song gooey by glass animals more. i like that one

hi mastodon today i set up a gamestop rp instance and had a date in second life i'm living in fucking 3030

i love that someone was told "there's now an instance for you to roleplay any one of the stereotypical personalities associated with shopping at gamestop", and what they heard was "there's an instance for me to roleplay as @hyperlink"

I know that I said earlier today that I don't like being called a good worker who cares about the end product, but when the work is my own, and I see the looks on my subjects' faces when they see what I've done and they send me things like "I'm screaming" and "what did you do?" that's when it's all worth it, and I feel such a sense of pride at a job well done.

hyperlink how the fuck do you have 62 followers on an alt you started like two hours ago

Why am I here? Well I already told you, I basically see the word "top" and, well, that's it. I'm over the moon, which as I said better be full. However, I am also here to support my gamer pals who are having a tough time right now staying indoors. Since being a good boy is an essential service, I'm still working, but I wear a mask. It's a pup mask, but that's the only kind I had on hand.

You might remember me from such times when I posted on snouts.ontheweb or the time I made jokes on that one vlog whose logo was turned into a tattoo by a famous internet top, you know the one. Yes, all of that was me. Yes, I will sign your dog bowl and/or beanie and/or body part and/or primate food chunk. Yes, it's really me Hypertext behind all this, as it always has been.

Ah, the end of another perfect day being a good boy. I sure am glad that my boss knows I'm a huge furry and helpless against my overwhelming urge to be a good boy at all times. That's why I'm here at Games Top, to try playing the latest tops. Chunks Guy laughed and then said something zany when he heard about it. He likes to just check in with me about my life. We're a quirky bunch.

I hate when my work takes me away from my favorite games. We have some real characters at my job! My job is to be a good boy and I am very good at it. Wait until you hear about my one coworker. He's zany!

Yes, before you ask, I am that Hypertext. My boyfriend is the wolfman, but I am of course here for video games

Hello everyone, it's me, Hypertext, your dog boy who is also your friend! I love to play Animal's Crossing. If you have a switch code, that's cool but I'm a bottom. Haha, just some funny dog boy humor for you all! Thank you for having me!

Supermoon tonight and I'm excited mentally but physically I'm deeply concerned

Very quickly I'm remembering with this other account why instantly following people back is such an unbelievably terrible idea

You cannot believe how hard it is wanting to run a new account when also at the tail end of a workday

i want to clarify that i am not running the hypertext account but i am extremely in support of this idea

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