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Sup snouts new and old. I'm Jessie or Rezy, whichever is fine. I used to mainly be a saber tooth but then just settled on whichever species currently interest me now.

I do light wave based art also known as photography every once in a while. Feel free to check out my photo gallery at if you have the time.

Art work by Nicnak044 & SuncatArt on twitter.

tf into an emoji, my art, a commission 

I guess life updates so far have been that I started a new job this month and it's so far it's a vast improvement over my last job in many ways.

Ok, remember when I said I was still around here? I lied. I forgot about this account :V

I'm still around I just spend an unfortunate amount of time on Twit-R still vs mastodon. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Still need to figure out some sort of routine here really.

Selfies, eye contact, then vs now 

Selfies, eye contact, then vs now 

Relationship things ~ 

Con and relationship things + 

monster-y TF art, sfw 

If you like space talk and sci-fi I recommend you watch this and if you have, please talk with me as I'm just starting episode 8 of season 1.

Talk to me about space tech and I will melt in your arms.

Also I may have been drinking a bit.

How you doing?

I am bird and I must chirp.

Shark noises also work but idk what sounds they make.

So through some bad hiding of pill bottles and to cut a long story short, parents and sisters now know I'm trans and to my surprise, they're alright with it and happy that I've found myself.

Wasn't planning on telling them this soon but life has a funny way of working Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Going to sleep drunk and kinda sad but that's my M.O. so can't say I'm surprised. Goodnight all you hooligans.

Drunk, TF related thought 

Where else can I read this magical changelog of things?

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