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Please tell me:
-if i have said anything uniformed and nieve
-if i should have CW'd something i did not
-misinterpreted information given to me

i'm trying to educate myself but i may make mistakes, and the only way i will learn is with the help of others. :)

im so puppy still
at some point i will draw again.

selfie outfit expansion 

imsh tired but you may pet my fhusshy shof hair. it verysh aofht N curhly and smells preytrhy

im so puppy right now, gimme a lap to flop on
yesi know i'm probably too heavy n tol, i don't care!

can anyone help me find a place that sells a nice/good quality skeleton bones hoodie?

selfie outfit expansion -lewdish? 

can pol - 

selfie outfit expansion 

CAN POL- green part 

selfie: eyecontact 

can pol-fear 

selfie: eyecontact 

cannabis :cannabis_leaf: 

Hey y'all! I'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that snouts has a code of conduct including requested content warnings. If you haven't read our COC in a while, it's always worth a fast refresher:

We ask for content warnings on upsetting or NSFW content, including joke posts. Even jokey references to certain topics can be upsetting for folks, and accommodations are easy to make. Please be considerate and tag when appropriate. Much love and thank you!

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