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ok post update!

I'm Kayde! I also go by my other sonas' names Dan, Nyl, Max, Tack, or Pico (yes i have too many sonas)

I'm panromantic, gray-ace, non-binary, and incredibly loud about it :heart_pan::heart_ace::heart_nb:

I post a lot about my fursonas, pooltoys, games, horny shit, and the occasional leftist politics; check the art gallery link in my profile if you wanna see any of my sonas

basically, I'm gay

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fursuit talk 

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all of my sonas are non-binary and HELLA gay and that's 100% :valid:

snouts meta 

mid-tf; inteleon pokemon tf 

super extra NSFW, inflatables, immobile, sph stuff 


I'm thinking about my mushlings..... I love them

god i can't wait for the pmd remake i'm gonna die

after SPMD disappointed me by making its story beat for beat the same as explorers and introduced that fucking friend orb that sucked so much ass, i'm so ready for a game that takes things back to the request board style

mid-tf; lopunny to flygon 


transformation; mid to post (into midnight lycanroc from polar bear) 

horny, macro, inflation 

[thinks about goodra] yes........

[thinks about goodra, but as a pooltoy] YES.......

tf; post-tf, pooltoy goodra 

post-tf; umbreon anthro 

[points at the art i just boosted] hi please look at that it's so cute and i'm so happy with it aaaaaaaaa

she made Dan look so cute and soft......... extremely huggable

post-tf; pokemon pooltoy 

commission advertising; TF gallery linked 

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