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ok post update!

I'm Kayde! I also go by my other sonas' names Dan, Nyl, Max, Tack, or Pico (yes i have too many sonas)

I'm panromantic, gray-ace, non-binary, and incredibly loud about it :heart_pan:​:heart_ace:​:heart_nb:

I post a lot about my fursonas, pooltoys, games, horny shit, and the occasional leftist politics; check the art gallery link in my profile if you wanna see any of my sonas

basically, I'm gay

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fursuit talk 

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all of my sonas are non-binary and HELLA gay and that's 100% :valid:






all red panda furries should have tails longer than their bodies, just sayin

just picked up untitled goose game to play on monday when i'm stuck in the hotel room


it'll be tough to kiss Pico but I think I'm up to the challenge

pol, centrist head-assery 

I need art of Kayde in those booty shorts that have 'juicy' printed across the ass

furry meta - 


the tag is also good even if their foot looks. maybe a bit more defined than is comfortable,

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