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ok post!

I'm Dan/Nyl/Kayde/Max and I'm a pooltoy Goodra/pink pooltoy Lucario/magic demon goat/anthro shiny Sylveon (respectively)

I'm hella gay, non-binary, and I'm constantly sipping on that dumb binch juice

the first image is Dan, Max, and Kayde being total shitposts as drawn by @Amanda, and the second is a section of a sketchpage of Nyl as drawn by @frengers!

if you follow me expect shitposting, pooltoys, leftism, and horny posts

lots of horny posts

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all of my sonas are non-binary and HELLA gay and that's 100% :valid:

aaaaaaaa i kinda wanna try out the chocobo mystery dungeon game.............

this is without a doubt the absolute worst lock i have ever seen, i can literally see through the fuckin split there where the two halves of the plastic casing come together

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thinking abt the diverging diamond interchange for some unknown reason

redraw of the "quiet down small man" "i own 3 pairs of crocs" "gender" image but with Kayde, kobold Kayde, and moogle Kayde respectively

ah,I see

you all want me to expand my ranks more, it would appear

but here is the catch: I have no art of this

my brain this morning said "today you will feel very strong connections with moogle Kayde AND Nyl at the same time" and now I'm left to try and make any sense out of that

why the heck all my fursonas so good

why am I so indecisive about which I wanna be at any moment


thinkin about D&D stuff

wondering if i could multiclass Kayde (fiend pact warlock) with something to add more flavor/versatility but idek what i would pick tbh

kinda starting to feel a Nyl mood slowly coming in, hmmmmmmmmm.........

Moogle Kayde wasn't always a fusilier you know, they tried out plenty of other jobs before settling on--

kayde no alchemist is a nu mou job, those robes are NOT gonna fit you

silly lil gift doodle from @PeppermintPunk <3

I've had such a good birthday tbh, so much gift art ;o; all my friends rule so much

valid to ship Lucario, Mewtwo, and Zeraora all with each other

they're polyam, gay, and beautiful

*baba slowly saunters into frame, with the text 'baba is you' vertically in center frame*

*baba walks off screen to the right, and brings an 'is' on screen and puts it next to 'baba' on the right, then walks back off screen*

*baba re-enters the screen pushing the word 'smash' on screen, then pushes it right next to 'is', forming the phrase 'baba is smash'*

*cue smash ultimate theme and new challenger title card*

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