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And hey, if you can't commission me but you still want to help that's absolutely fine. RTs are always appreciated, recommending me to friends who may want something, or hell if you have spare cash consider tossing me a Ko-Fi or two! Gotta raise about 2.5k

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I'll be posting updates to the commissions on my trello which can be found here: … I've also posted additional information on some of my rules and things offered here so be sure to read the cards! (Let me know if you can't see it, new to this lol)

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Commission Info! CWed cause examples images are kinda kinky 

My thighs are sore af and i'm tired so I may just say fuck it and do all my gym stuff Friday. I'm too pooped to party gamers

I can't wait for my shine Sprite tank top to come in

Good morning Snouts, I'm having a dilemma! Do I go looking for new work shirts this evening and skip the gym or do I become SWOLE

Black Excellence, eye contact 

Good mornin' snouts! I hooked Google Analytics up to the new site and I can already feel people loving me lmao. It's so simple but some people just don't get it.

Hey Snouts, sorry I've been quiet! Been hella busy

You ever just think about a wolf and go "but what if they were softer"

Good morning snouts! My weekend was busy af... financed an iPad and pretty much spent it getting used to it. But I digress, I hope y'all are well


Money Trouble/Kofi Plug 

I hate having to ask for cash but this is what happens when you transition from one job to the next I guess.

Money Trouble/Kofi Plug 

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