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@DogMotif all this post made me imagine was you logging on on your other account, seeing this post, and being like "hey,,, who IS that >:( AWRARWWRAWR" like a dog in a mirror

i don't understand how ram works. why is some ram like three times more expensive. how much do frequency and timings actually matter. why are some people like "don't pair cheap ram with a 3900x" and other people like "yeah bro cheap ram rules with this processor." why is this shit confusing

my 6700k is on death's door i think, i can't overclock it even a tiny bit anymore without it failing

new build can't get here soon enough aaaaAAA

@DogMotif @hyperlink oh yeah lol sorry, I'll be more specific

cries if you even think about carseat headrest within 200 miles of them, has shades, is on snouts

@DogMotif @hyperlink the twink one who's a massive baby with shitty posts who's also SUCH a stereotypical bottom that it's laughable, lives in boston, we've met in person, is actually very nice and sweet and cute tho, gets dogpilled on occasion, fucking dork-ass nerd

when will the @Duende and @hyperlink twin fantasy full album commentary track devolve into crying and dog barking noises

@hyperlink if I wanted to hear dogs whine I'd just open some food near my friend's pup molly

i have an idea for a PC build can someone take a look to make sure im not doing something dumb

i can listen to Twin Fantasy (Those Boys) exactly once in the time it takes me to pick up my lunch

if i make a new computer the case better have a cool dragon on it or some shit like that

hyperlink is like 400% good dog by volume. the excess good dog just spills out everywhere like a good dog ooze

im vaping at it and it’s just like, sucking up all the clouds. get ur own

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