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first i am going to finish up some work

then i am going to post my new fursona's completed ref sheet on my main

reverse image searching my avatar and deciding i do not care that other people are using it

big cozy scarf

pro: comfie, basically a pillow around me all the time
con: uh oh pillow comfie beddie zzzz zzz time

the estimated delivery time for my xbox controller keeps jumping back and forth in 15 minute increments

like just look at how cute this is I love the colors and patterns so much

bless @Violet @Kat @efi for taking my goofy words and turning them into a thing

also @zepp for making the original icon in the first place

small raboot in a giant hoodie wrapped up in blankets playing minecraft

everyone's gonna log into the minecraft server at some point next week and see a fuckin' chunk-sized field of carrot plants, with a tiny sign that says "im buny now"

love being stuck outdoors for 40 minutes when i could be pretending to be a small gay pokemon online

technically they were only able to get into the back door but the apparently it only takes like two seconds to open my top hallway door with a credit card

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