HEY if ur local (boston area) or can otherwise pick stuff up:

my apartment? it is completely out of space

my time to sell stuff? it is gone


im giving away some of my toreba plushies

i want these gone ASAP!!!!!

here's what i got:

1 gloomy bear plush
1 luvdisk plush
1 eevee (bangs version) plush
1 dq slime bento box
1 mew plush (2019 first movie rerelease version)
1 x-soft hotel pillow

i should probably mention these are all new/unopened and official merch (and mostly japanese crane game exclusives)

pillow is now claimed (in addition to mew and luvdisc)

if u don't get something don't worry, there will almost certainly be a second wave this weekend

@DogMotif is it actually just a pillow you stole from a hotel

@DogMotif oh

... so is it for a hotel? or does it say HOTEL on it or something?

@glen it says HOTEL on it, it's the only word on the box in english

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