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Two tires go flat on my car I got no lug wrench got my beau and I a ride to work but seriously I didn't even want to be here this days been a turd wrapped in a pretty pink bow even roasted on flat bread served hot and fresh to fuck my depression

home from works, tireds, i ate so im not hungry now having a little drink and thinking im horny, life is amazing

so hard to get motivated for squat rather just sleep

gotta get ready for work, just finished setting up some of my stuff to take with me, now gotta get me ready. always a WIP i am, lol see yall later snouts.

oh yeah did i mention i got a promotion at work? finally i see my hard work get appreciated for once. feels good, even though now my responsibilities are like ten times what they were im very happy about it.

well monday again, so much to do before work and not a lot of gumption to get it done... laundry do thyself!

my beau called my table thats working as my temporary desk my base of operations.. lol

life hasnt stopped for like a month, between moving, the previous drama, and then i got a promotion at work the past couple weeks have seen me go ghost for so much, i just now have something i can put my tablet and pc on in my work room..oi.. more to do though


It's been a while since I was on, work and life keep me so busy lately with fixing things trying to prepare for a move I hardly have time to sit down unless I'm sleeping but I am here I do think of y'all when I can I should just try and be a little more present since I've got my phone in line

Damn I slept through getting my midnight smooch

A single night of work then off two days I find it very stupid

Gots me a new phone today connected to abouts everywhere now!


work ran me ragged... my feet hurt.. ugh..the bed is just callin my name..

well that lasted all of like ten minutes

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my mozzarella sticks arent melty now...this is a criminal offense

food, alcohol 

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