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locked follow requests again for anxiety reasons

ill try to review twice a week but my app doesn’t actually have the ability to approve new followers, or send notifications when people request

if i don’t accept your request right away it’s 100% because i forgot, not because i have something against you

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subscribe to my YouTube channel for wonderful content like: putting a fake $20,000 magic card under running water and dabbing it with dish soap, titled “THIS VIDEO GOT ME BANNED FROM /R/BITCOIN”

im glad eternal finally has a large enough cardpool that a few infinite combos exist

and the devs don’t touch them!!! they understand that instant wins that lose to interaction are fine!! dwd fuckin rules

imagine being a twink before chemical exfoliants existed lmao

tangentially related but when a body lotion says to wear gloves when handling please listen to it

how do i become so soft you say? the answer is simple: chemicals

anyway yeah nah its a real thing and i wanna visit just for the novelty

apparently being a furry means having 76 telegram notifications i cannot check in public because they are all porn

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