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hey! (bum bum bum)

i’m pretty gay (bum bum bum ba-da-dum)

“i pretend to be a cartoon dog online and people seem cool with it” would only fly for infosec jobs

if one more job application asks “what makes you unique” im gonna fucking hurl

i want to go running in my new shoes but it’s raining

everyone has this option - just go into a hot topic and show them your mastodon account

i exchanged my clout for Hot Topic Bucks which i spent on a spiked choker. it broke immediately

he was a hall
he was some oats
can i make it any more obvious?

oh me, i'm not a clout chaser. i'm a clout Catcher. Big fucking difference there buddy

my goal was running shoes + cheap + not horrendously ugly and i think i succeeded

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sekiro, no spoiler Show more

i have purchased my first pair of shoes in like two years

they’re COMFY im happy

text to speech generator that uses vinny’s tinky-winky impression

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