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splotchy duende here (commission from coldoggo)

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тнιѕ ιѕ му ησямαℓ ѕρєαкιηg νσι¢є

artist: okay, your commission comes out to $20
me, chuckling: I don't think so
artist: ???
me, laughing louder as I tip a bunch: hahahaHAHAHA

im gonna be house-sitting soon and im so fucking excited to go through my entire backlog of bath bombs

if anyone wants to fight, im the person in Harvard square learning against a wall looking rly fuckin cool

what the fuck do you mean i can’t put forty lightning bolts in my deck this game sucks

the “mayor mccheese is a libertarian” bit in mbmbam deserves an oscar

reasons to teach me to skateboard:

1: you get to watch me fall down and laugh

2: i will reenact every vine involving a skateboard ever

they should make a motorcycle that only does wheelies

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