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i should prob pin this:

hi! im duende. i had a panic attack and deleted my first account (oops)

the admins were nice enough to let me re-create with my old username but i lost all my followers and content

so basically, if ur suddenly seeing us no longer as mutuals:

i didn’t unfollow or block u! im just dumb. feel free to follow me again if u did previously!!!

i never saved a list of who was doing so, so im not gonna do a mass-DM chain or anything

anyway awrwrrarwrarwrr

im looking forward to none of them syncing and the whole build looking like a gay mess (which is fitting)

case has 4 RBG fans

stock cooler on processor is RGB

motherboard is RGB

ram is RGB

i did not intentionally choose any of this they were just the cheapest good options

im pretty sure every single component im upgrading on my computer is RGB




I'm making @[email protected] listen to Car Seat Headrest and it is going wonderfully~

@Duende [writes "Duende is pupy" next to the other 152 copies of the same phrase]

lewd shitpost 

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