these are real magic cards and they come out as part of a charity drive on October 22nd.

i don’t care about ponies but i’m losing my shit at the idea of making edh decks around all of these lmao

excuse me. judge. can i get a ruling on the definition of “everypony.”

@Duende there's gotta be some toy that has all the colours in to provide max protection with rarity

@Duende "Everypony" definitely includes, at a minimum, all players, and "Friends" is either going to be a new keyword or equivalent to Allies. what I'd love to see is whether Everypony includes bystanders, so people can win the game even if they never played it. that certainly would change the meta.

@falkreon @Duende can't wait for the comprehensive rules section defining "everypony" and "friend" and the addition of "Alicorn" and "Pony" to the creature type list (Horse and Pegasus are, of course, pre-existing creature types)

@falkreon @Duende so would the mlp deck player have to split tourney winnings with the opponent and spectators

@falkreon @Duende "Friends" is actually defined in Nightmare Moon's activated ability. Any other player who contributes to paying the cost becomes your friend, and is thus eligible for Group Hug from Princess Luna (with your permission, of course).

Mono-Black Group Hug sounds pretty awkward though, and would probably rely heavily on Artifacts to make work (especially in Commander where not everypony even has access to Black mana with which to cast your spells).

@LexYeen do these count as silver bordered cards or????

@remy Pretty sure they're gonna be silver-border, yeah. Still, for casual funtimes... :blobyeengrin:

@Duende unfortunately silver borders are not tournament legal

@Duende it's gonna get tense if your opponent tries to argue that "anypony" could not possibly refer to a Lucario

@a_bun i appreciate how the twilight card refers to cards that do not and likely will never exist

@Duende .... I shamefully withdraw my comment as y'all beat me to it

@Duende im dying, idk anything abt the characters but these are great and we need more

@bryceyoungquist @Duende building a W/U deck around rarity, or, my little planeswalker: magic isn't friendship

@bryceyoungquist @Duende rare/mythic tribal plus U/W means one thing: oops all teferis

@Duende the art in the first one is deeeeep in the uncanny valley

@Duende Yeah I run a Twilight Sparkle deck built around winning as fast as possible

@Duende i'm mostly just kind of confused because wizards also does the actual MLP TCG

@Duende these
Are 2019
These are current and not from like six years ago

I am having a fever dream

@Duende rarity is just mom + a one-sided helm of awakening (more or less) which is whack in azorius

@Duende like, I would never actually do it, but it ALMOST makes me want to build a UW storm list

@Duende even if you don't own any my little ponies she's worth playing for the cost reduction alone

@glen @Duende "I'll activate Rarity's ability, and I'll reveal my fanpony figurine, she has a white and black striped coat, a green and blue mane, and a red ribbon, so uh, your spell gets countered?"

@Sapphicgiraffic @Duende i need these holy FUCK damn i hate being poor (someone plz hire giraffe)

@monorail @Duende for Blue, Red, and Green, sure, but Dashie doesn’t have White or Black. Rainbow Dash + Zecora would cover it though

@monorail @Sapphicgiraffic @Duende she's a lesbian and a jock, she obviously already has one

@Duende man I can't believe twilight is so mary sue she has finally become exodia

@Duende So is there an applejack/fluttershy/rainbowdash card? Like ill build princess twilight sparkle edh ill do it

@SuperGideon nope and there’s no current plans to make them lol

@Duende @SuperGideon i’m sure there’s a way to do name changing shenanigans in silver boarder and make it work anyways

@Duende the standard mtg template about "cards you own" and "if you control" feels… incongruous with the whole sharing thing? (also lol @ Nightmare Moon specifically not having a moon in her art, and both defying standard art direction of "flying creatures must be obviously flying"

my first thought was "what the *heck*" followed by "what on earth is wizards' lead time on fads, wow"

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