had a lot of fun makin all this art recently, and quite a few people like it. makes me feel so heckin nice

nsfw suggestive, furry art 

little bit suggestive, furry art 

nsfw furry art, choker meme 

now seems as good a time as any to post some art today

I would like to say tho that I found myself a girlfriend and fug I'm so gay for her.. I've never fallen this hard for anyone. We gel on so many levels, and she makes me happy cry regularly. I'm hecking gay

keeping up(-) 

there was a mspaint prompt going around and I couldn't resist

horny shitpost 

self-care talk(+) 

self-care talk(+) 

selfie, eye contact, gothy 

I'm like a little gay science rat that's been trained to smash a little button labeled "I'm a gay baby, plz forgive that I love you all so much"
the little rat jumps up and down on the button a lot 🐀

Been struggling flipping my mouse across the table every time I'm working on art. Can't believe I forgot I had this lovely monster, this may be perfect

trans girl mood, boob talk 

laughing shopping for an inverted cross pendant and the advertising has this edgy looking dude wearing it. while all the reviews are from goth girls

been thinking about what I'm gonna be doing with my hair once it grows out

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