there was a mspaint prompt going around and I couldn't resist

selfie, eye contact, gothy 

Been struggling flipping my mouse across the table every time I'm working on art. Can't believe I forgot I had this lovely monster, this may be perfect

been thinking about what I'm gonna be doing with my hair once it grows out

revamped banner. really accentuates those little details that I love! that and actual character art lol

That feel when you take a pic of a forest gremlin that has the same cryptid energy as the Patterson–Gimlin film

I'm in love with the rain boosted aesthetic of this old car I came across this evening. I actually really wanna use it as a drawing prop

pen talk 

Furry art, moose, boobies 

selfie, eye contact, gothy 

I got some prints made recently and this one for my mom's birthday is so perfect. This whole art piece was very fun to do for her; I'm so glad she loves it.

political art, surreal blood 

Art, guillotine 

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