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I'm in love with the rain boosted aesthetic of this old car I came across this evening. I actually really wanna use it as a drawing prop

pen talk 

workspace troubles, flys 

I can't believe I've managed to trick my body into a regular sleep schedule

Furry art, moose, boobies 

selfie, eye contact, gothy 

I got some prints made recently and this one for my mom's birthday is so perfect. This whole art piece was very fun to do for her; I'm so glad she loves it.

I have been away from this platform entirety too long. I wish it wasn't so difficult for me to keep up with more than one social account :p

political art, surreal blood 

Art, guillotine 

Put some cute charms on my switch because it was lacking enough gay energy

Nsfw art, beverage lactation 

Art no nudity, vore implied, poster style 

Oh and here's a cute couples comm I did for some sweet folk on discord, both of em comm'ed me secretly & separately for art and it was adorable.

Should be on to the other one soon

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