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I really need an introduction post before I follow too many more people here.

Hello my name is Eugene and when my health isn't being absolute poop I draw a lot of monsters, aliens and furries!

zoophilia and rape mention 

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Saying it here because I know Twitter will ban me, zoophilia and rape mention 

Its still sweater weather here so decided someone had to give this poor bald cat something to wear.

In related news I really need to draw my characters interacting more often.

I'm sorry to everyone in the audience that has a bunny fursona I promise my basset hound fursona would never hunt down anyone they are too nice and also very lazy.

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Sometimes I think about like how Beastars and Zootopia both use wild animals to convey relationship between a canids and a lagomorph but like... basset hound exist pretty much solely to hunt hares.
I think that may be worse.

Wolves just be trying to survive, some dogs are programmed to seek and destroy other living creatures and gain nothing tangible out of it except to please their pack leader. That's actually really dark and twisted when you think about it.

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everyone: self quarantine to prevent spread of covid-19

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animal crossing \ tiny political joke in the artwork 

If you want to know what the challenge entails I'm basically replacing every villager in my town with a dog (or wolf) WITHOUT using any amiibos and without villager abuse. Effectively I have to play the game every day to see if anyone non dog wants to move out/anyone is at the campsite.

Its... going slowly. As of right now I have Shep, Wolfgang and now Marcel. I'm hoping the next dog to show up will actually be a girl finally (crossing fingers for someone like Skye or Daisy).

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My "Town of Dogs" challenge run in Animal Crossing New Leaf finally attained progress and this clown dog is about to move in!

autism acceptance stuff 

Personal, good news 

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Me: finally going to get around to updating my DeviantART gallery today


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Personal, worry 

Haha its April Fools, I don't want to play the pranks on people so instead have this image of Isabelle of Animal Crossing fame.

Little late but got something done for Trans Day Of Visibility . I've never been comfy with posting actual photos of myself online so you're going to have to deal with this goofy cartoon dog I draw to represent me instead!

Very early wip of me actually getting back to drawing my OCs. My precious mind children get along great.

One of the most bizarre things I ever deal with irl is every time just about I tell someone I drink non dairy milk they're like 'but but did u know there is lactose free normal milk???" with like all the tone of I'm basically punishing myself by drinking something derived from oats or almonds instead of drinking the sweet nectar which is cow teet juice.

I promise plant substitute beverages don't actually taste like horrendous I'm not suffering by drinking them.

Posting this drawing at like 4 in the morning was probably a terrible idea so gonna bump it.

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Did a quick pic of Toriel since she got nearly as many votes and Legoshi on that poll.

Btw she's canonically using her fire magic here to like light her fireplace and not ya know attack anyone. I didn't want to draw a background so like... imagine it ok.

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