When you want it to snow, but it's June and you live in the US southeast.

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hhh mbmbam is gonna do a show near me saturday and I'm actually off work in time to make it. I just don't know if I should spend the moniiiies

Every time I saw my old coworker Thomas I always said his name in my head as "Thrombus'' and had to filter my sentences to correct his name. I have 0 clue where it came from, I haven't worked with him for over a year and I still think about it to this day why are brains like this.

haha whoops that last post was supposed to be a reply that was already CWd

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Talking with my friend who plays pokemon tcg and apparently a very strong deck in a past season was zoroark/garbodor and I don't think there's anything else that can sum me up as a person. that's just me and what i am

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