trans stuff 

had a call scheduled today to speak with a gender health worker but they got tied up during the time we scheduled the call, so we rescheduled for next monday

but wow was I just a ball of anxiety waiting for my phone to ring. I think it's all out of my system now though

US Pol (+) 

A DSA backed candidate won her Democratic senate primary with just $8,000 to her name versus the machine backed moderate with millions of dollars. Holy fucking shit.

tbh Shadow of Destiny is a very underrated Retsupurae

also the game seems kinda neat

SPD DEFUNDING PROGRESS: today the City Council voted to:
- remove cops from public schools
- eliminate all recruitment funding for the rest of the year
- cease cop sweeps of homeless encampments
- disband the horse brigade

it's not 50% defunding, which is The Agreed-Upon Starting Line for local community-driven activism efforts, but it's progress

having to wear pants and a t-shirt to work sucks

rena wants to wear a cute dress and be comfortable

I definitely haven't been the only trans/nb person who's worked here either

I think, realistically, the only issue will be occasional misgendering

hopefully lmao

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haha I have literally no idea how I'm gonna handle work while transitioning

I'm glad I work at a place that's extremely LGBTQA+ friendly (our CEO is a two-spirit lesbian if I remember correctly), but it's gonna be so weeeeird

I think this weekend I'm gonna start looking into voice training =w=

gender health 

probably gonna have to reach out to the gender health person again because I haven't heard anything back in almost a week lmao

LP stuff 

wow someone actually hit me up on twitter to specifically ask if the Tomb Raider LP was going to continue because they liked other stuff me and Lynx did

is this what it's like to be a real capital L let's player

I feel deeply soothed knowing that the veggietales veggies canonically will never go to heaven

this toot is not sponsored by raid shadow legends

@shel @masklayer @Ace hi im griffin mcelroy. are you too much of a brainwashed thembo to prepare a home cooked meal? well with blue apron,


well that was a fun 5 days of carbs, back to being on keto

Please enjoy my new light novel, Help! I Hacked My Gender To Play Out Of Region Games But Now It's Broken And I Voided The Warranty

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