The inventor of the leaf blower deserves to be punished.

be queer enough to make the marketable gays uncomfortable

Whoa this month went by really fast what happened

Someone down the street had this up yesterday and it was cute so I took this picture

Bunny day is good day

thinking about how all rent is literally stolen income

I've got some comics to read and classic ambient-dub playing I'm good

haha amazing, a FB friend must've de-activated or something and I must have just been on a line because suddenly it's telling me I don't have enough friends to show me a feed at all!


Good night!! I hope you pet a bunny today and if you didn't and wish to change that I'm right here 🐇

Today was Strange and I'm glad it's almost tomorrow

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Front 242s Rhythm of Time is a 12" I really do want but not $20 want. It'd be cheaper to buy a copy on discogs including shipping and import fees.

Creepy old men who run record shops sure don't like when you question their ridiculously high prices lol

In Canada, drug prohibition laws were directly racist. The official racism in the laws was watered down over the years but it didn't change the actions of law enforcement who used them to primarily persecute POC and visibly queer people. Since most of the world subscribes to a 'just world' value system, they see this oppression as validating their bigotry as to them, criminals deserve what they get. Open dialogue must be had to combat these biases. Especially with legalization in play.

Stigmatizing marijuana smokers is super cool and awesome and in no way problematic considering the history of the plant.

Anybody know where a bun could procure an Apple ][ serial mouse, mechoptical innards, one-button, DB-9 connector for cheap to Toronto, ON? Non-functional preferred.

Feel free to boost.

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Night bunny I'm night bunny
I'm hopping through town

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