Apps that decide to go landscape on a phone when you have rotation off... What the heck do you think you're doing?

I've got my fingers on there pulse of Ottawas bunny scene.

I'm the bunny person at work.

Someone came up to me and said they adopted two bunnies from a local rescue that shut down and asked if I knew who the better vets were for buns in the area cuz he needed to get them spayed and neutered. I shared info about my vet and the cheaper Quebec vets and stuff I remembered folks saying on Facebook. Unrelatedly I've been following the nonsense that rescue is going through with their co-op board threatening eviction if they don't get rid of the rabbits.

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sleepy now πŸ’€πŸ‡πŸ’€ good night, be soft

Ever pet a bunny and have them get all flat with their head between their paws, grinding their teeth happily? It's good.

As a kid I learned not to blame video games for my inability to play them. The game wasn't 'unfair,' I just needed to become a better player.

Then I learned that, due to AI limitations, most of the games of my childhood actually WERE cheating. Computer opponents were given all sorts of hidden advantages.

Looking back, this is basically a perfect analogy for my relationship to capitalism.

They're replacing the tub and backsplash and taps in the bathroom and re-doing everything there. They've fixed the holes and are re-painting the walls, he mentioned they're fixing the drawers. They've cleaned out the various appliances. He does agree the stove looks about broken but he wants to wait on that. I don't but whatever. As long as it's cleaned I'll live. I knew I'd have to make some compromise after discovering what I did last night. I'll call this a win... for now.

Marvel did a facsimile reprint of Dazzler #1 for some reason and included all the original ads. I want the hypno-coin! It's only $1.50!

So, the previous tenants trashed the place when they moved out and instead of fixing it, they tried to give me the trashed house.

I lost it at the landlord and I'm freaking out ever since.

So we got the keys for the place we're moving into last night and we dropped in to look around.

The railing on the stairs was ripped out of the wall, the walls are written on, there are holes punched in them, the bathtub is ruined and the bath faucet taps fell off in my hands, the fridge and freezer was left full of garbage, they left clothes in the washer, the stove door is falling off, the kitchen cabinets drawers fell out when I pulled them out. When I visited, the place was a *lot* nicer.

Just read about an airport bringing in therapy dogs to make travel less stressful. Now I don't talk about it much but I'm actually pretty scared of dogs. Childhood trauma and all and it's never really gone away. I don't run from them anymore but dogs still trigger hypervigilance and anxiety so this has the opposite effect for me. Glad I'm too poor to fly I guess.

(oh and as an aside every landlord is pure evil and a liar)

Wow! 28 days uptime on my Plex server. That's kinda amazing for Windows 10!

Hello, I added some new designs to my threadless store, hope you like them! πŸŽΈβœ¨β˜„οΈ

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