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I never posted a proper when I remade this account so I'll do one now.

HI i am Flipp I am a bunny living in the Canadian region of Earth. I like things like Star Trek, Marvel comics, bad fantasy novels, the video game, and tabletop RPG's. I also am a music making bun, a vinyl haver, and a DJ sometimes. I am non-binary but am kinda gendered out. I live with my partner and a couple awesome rabbits. I've been involved with the furry world for about 25 years. How's it going?

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Looking good in my Starfleet skants and ready to captain the heck out of this ship!

(very cool art by @quasar)

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My TL is basically: comic book nerdery, music literally nobody remembers but me, and sitcoms nobody has watched since 1993.


make furry as strange and unmarketable to advertisers and profiteers as possible

PS4 Spider-Man would be good if there wasn't this big "surveillance good, spidermans a cop" tone to the entire story. It is grating as hell.

The desire to "clean up the fandom" mostly coming from white cishet furries isn't an accident or coincidence. We exist in a hellscape for them, where queer identity is given just as much weight as cishet identity.

Cries for respectability are part and parcel of a desire to gentrify.

Participation is optional. Nothing is black and white

When I steal a boat to make my pirate vessel to destroy libertarian seasteads I'm going to call it the "Censor Ship"

Ben and Jonathan develop an excellent comedic energy through the show. The Thanksgiving episode with Carrie Fisher as Jonathan's ex wife is fantastic. The standup is the fault when it gets weak, and there's a lot more Louis CK and Dave Chappelle than I'd like. But there's also Mitch Hedberg doing classic bits with animated sequences attached, there's Ray Romano *actually being funny*, there's Dom Irrera who is kinda problematic but hilarious, Whoopi's appearances are gold.

Yeah Dr Katz

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Dr Katz is #1 but you have to navigate a minefield of beyond problematic 90s comedians.

He's looking so much better in just a week. He's so comfy. Very good bun.

3D printing rules because it is leading to the technology that will one day allow us to pirate cars

I would download a car. I would download 30 cars and give them to people.

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So I got this pouch of sick bunny food cuz the surgery is gonna be tough. The packaging seems to imply this is enough for a single day for a single bunny!! I'm very confused. Critical care says 3tbsp per kg of bunny+water 4-6 times a day, which would last a lot longer. This product says 11 tbsp+water for the same size. I'm not sure if this product is wildly inferior or if I'm misreading something. I need to ask the vet. Doing things right is very important here.

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