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This thread shall contain all of my music releases from 2006 onward. I shall pin this, and it'll be a live thread for future releases too. This will include inclusions in compilations that are available online. I shall tag all my music as so in the far future, that tag shall be how to find it. Use tags, they rule. I'll be posting in shifts, there's more than I thought. First is the days.

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I never posted a proper when I remade this account so I'll do one now.

HI i am Flipp I am a bunny living in the Canadian region of Earth. I like things like Star Trek, Marvel comics, bad fantasy novels, the video game, and tabletop RPG's. I also am a music making bun, a vinyl haver, and a DJ sometimes. I am non-binary but am kinda gendered out. I live with my partner and a couple awesome rabbits. I've been involved with the furry world for about 25 years. How's it going?

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Looking good in my Starfleet skants and ready to captain the heck out of this ship!

(very cool art by @quasar)

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My TL is basically: comic book nerdery, music literally nobody remembers but me, and sitcoms nobody has watched since 1993.


Chilling out listening to music on Sunday night ๐Ÿ‡๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‡

TIL today: Lambert, from Alien, is canonically a trans woman?? Like for real, it's talked about in her file in the movie

This is WILD i had no idea and i love this new knowledge

Goth > Ska

I don't make the rules but I will enforce them.

In other bun news Dmitri has decided stairs are no obstacle anymore! So he's everywhere he wants to be now. It's always something new in buntown!!

I pre-ordered that Zelda game during E3 and apparently it's out for delivery!! Yay!! I also apparently preordered the accompanying amiibo but I think I'll have to pick that up at the post office tomorrow cuz for some reason I told them to deliver it to my home.

Trudeau has SHAMED our GREAT NATION!! We, the proud people of Canada, will ONLY stand on guard for structural racism that is easier to hide

Now I'm drinking Canadian megacorp paid for beer. I networked already I'm good.

oh wow people werent lying when they said False Knees is amazing

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