Dr Katz is #1 but you have to navigate a minefield of beyond problematic 90s comedians.

Ben and Jonathan develop an excellent comedic energy through the show. The Thanksgiving episode with Carrie Fisher as Jonathan's ex wife is fantastic. The standup is the fault when it gets weak, and there's a lot more Louis CK and Dave Chappelle than I'd like. But there's also Mitch Hedberg doing classic bits with animated sequences attached, there's Ray Romano *actually being funny*, there's Dom Irrera who is kinda problematic but hilarious, Whoopi's appearances are gold.

Yeah Dr Katz

@polymur you can look up who's on what episode and just catch comedians you like, it's at its core a stand up themed talk show with different guests each episode! But it is the predecessor to Home Movies and Bobs Burgers and the stuff between the guests is where the folks who made it and H Jon Benjamin honed their skills


It's been a long time dream to see a new season of this show, with current comedians like Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro, Tiffany Haddish and others

@AndyDershon Patton is great on there already, his 90s material is gold. I'd love them to get back together and do more too!

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