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Alright, I think Im gonna post all updates about the handwritten posts project to @handwrittenposts for now on so I don't spam the timeline with it. So go there if you want updates and to see who I've done yet.

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I feel so weird cause even though I'm a furry I don't have a furry name/fursona name. I just use my actual first name and I've never ever came up with like alias or anything. I'm bad at usernames and I like how my real name sounds so uhh yeah. lol

So Im playing through Pokemon White again. Im letting @vulgusbangaa pick out my Pokemon AND I'm letting him nickname them all. So this is my team I guess.

Firearm (tagging it more of a just incase) 

‪I’m gonna be streaming at 7pm est today like I always do expect this time it won’t be YIIK. YIIK is gonna resume (and maybe be finished?) next week though for anyone curious. ‬

FOMO (-) 

I’ve seen people say that snow looks pretty & maybe it does but it also makes it so you’re stuck in your driveway digging up your car that got buried cause it just piles up.

I’m convinced that you can only like snow if you’re either still in school or never lived in a place that snows. It’s a pain in the ass to do anything in it and it’ll make driving literal hell.

It's driving me insane that I can't play Halo Reach at a stable frame rate on my high end PC. Every other high end game is fine but Reach tanks to 20fps even though I have it on low settings. I even updated my drivers and STILL its just bad.

Since I’m not gonna be streaming YIIK on Sunday I’m trying to think of what game to stream instead. I don’t have to stream on Sunday but I kind of want to cause at this rate I have a set schedule for streaming.

This game took me like 2 days to download cause jesus chirst it has a huge file size.

So uh, I own this game now. I have seen pretty much NOTHING from it. I'll get to it shortly.

Easily the stupidest $20 I’ve ever spent in my life but god damn this thing is so weird & I got it cheap so it’s whatever.

More YIIK and this time we are gonna go through the robot lady oh bby. I'm gonna be there with @jdlwerewolf @TJCheetah @Sootsky

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