If you like this post I will handwrite your Mastodon post like this. If you donate $3 I’ll ink it & if you donate $6 I’ll color it in too.

I usually pick a post from random but if you want me to write out a certain post dm me after liking this post.

I won’t write out any posts that are;
-Under a CW
-That have pics/videos in them
-Hate speech of any kind
Also I reserve the right to decline writting any post I think is inappropriate.

If you do want the ink or colored posts or just wanna donate in general do it here.
PLEASE show proof you donated in a dm so I can confirm it.

I also prioritize donation posts over normal ones to so it goes something like Color>Ink>Sketch.

Also if you liked a similar post last year you’re free to like this & I’ll write out another post of yours.

I don’t plan on putting a cap on this cause I doubt it’ll get as big as last years so for now there’s no limit.

Well I’ll start doing them in like an 2 hours. I was gonna wait October but I actually know I have a decent amount of time off this week & idk when that’ll happen again. I don’t think this’ll take off like last year but just incase I wanna have the time to do it.

Also been debating on archiving/posting all of the handwritten posts to an account just for that. That way if people wanna look for theirs later they don’t have to dig through all of my media to find it.

So as a just incase (cause my markers don't have every color), if you donated and want your icon colored I can offer digital coloring as well. I'd still ink it, its just the colors would be done digitally. Here's an example of that.

One last heads up, I decided to make an account JUST for posting the handwritten posts. Still like the first post here if you want it but I'm gonna post them all on @handwrittenposts so they are easy to find in the future

Also, if you paid and I just do a sketch let me know so I can update it. I got A LOOTTTTTTTTTT of people sending me differing amounts and I dont wanna screw you out of your money. All I ask is that you can prove that you donated that amount, that's it.

@Lotherme Yeah, I've been excited to this again for awhile now and its finally time.

@GavinWolf oh hey it's like the universe opened up and answered my nagging question of "what the fuck should my header be on here", time to go toss some money at your head

@wigglytuffitout Before you do that read the thread here, but thanks

@GavinWolf don't worry, already gave it a looksee to figure out where to toss money at you ^0^

....ofc there's a very real chance i am being an idiot and completely missing something incredibly obvious in which case. feel free to prod me further lol

@wigglytuffitout Nah that was it, I mainly also pointed it there for the digital coloring too cause I dont have every color for the markers and I wanted people to make sure I could still do it, just digitally

@GavinWolf incredibly understandable, markers are assbutt expensive

@GavinWolf yo, could you write out a post I made about 20 hours ago about me switching over to the blockchain model?

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