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Speaking of snores it's time for me to snooze. ILU Snouts 💕✨

I feel like dragon Zest might snore

But it'd probably be like, a low rumbly purr

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For the record having a dragon mod is no reason to panic. Just keep bringing her apples and giving her pets and everything will be good

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Hi snouts and folks of various other instances!!!

Just checking in to let you know that I'm proud of you for making it through today. Things have been rough lately, but you've been soldiering on. I love you and I know you can keep strong!!! 💖💚💖💚

I just had an a moment of realization. This old joke drawing of Zest with many scarves was foreshadowing. A warning.

Gonna scoop my friends up and hold em close all night

Please send @MirinaMoo some love!!!

She works real hard and puts up with a lot of shit and deserves some nice attention

Monster Factory stream is over! Thanks a bunch to everybody who stopped by!

I'll be continuing where we left off sometime soon-- keep ya posted!

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hey snouts (and snouts pals)

reminder that Zest is hosting a Monster Factory party! come watch with us


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JSYK if anybody is sad they wont be able to make the stream today, I just did the math, and if I'm not wrong, there's over 21 hours of monster factory content???

sooooo I'm thinking we may find a stopping point tonight and pick it up again another time!!!

one downside about rabb.it is that you either have to manually approve every person who wants to join the room, or it's open to the public and displayed on the website's main page. Really wish there was just like, an "if you have the link you can join" option :V

I made a special youtube playlist (all the episodes except for the one that had nick in it)

IDK about you but I'm excited for the monster factory marathooonnnn. It is definitely happening! I'm getting it set up as we speak, and will be live in just about an hour! (3PM EST)

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A lot of states are starting their early voting window! If you aren't sure if you will be able to get to the polls on Voting Day, check out to see if you can go on other days.

Vote! Vote, y'all!

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