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πŸ“Œ Hey, I'm Zest! (they/she) I'm a dragon on the internet, and an NB trans gal living in Northern Ontario with my wife!

I'm workin' on making a career out of drawing freelance furry art! I was a mod on Snouts for a while, now I'm just here to hang out and be gay.

You can support me these sites:

You can also find me here: (begrudgingly)

Mh ---, reflection 

Mh -/~, reflection 

MFF hotel room available 




wanna maybe stream some game some time but i am torn on where to do it at

Mixer pro: nice and cozy, has nice features, some friends use it

twitch pro: has lots of people (including gf)

twitch con: has lots of people

[remix of video game song starts playing on my spotify]

me: (:

[it turns into dubstep]

me: ):

i wish nintendo wasnt butts about music copyright and would just like, put soundtracks on spotify

dunno who needs to hear this but:

dont hate things just because you don't like their fans. some good things have bad fans

don't hate things just because cool people also hate them, particularly if youve never seen/read/heard them

Changing between my fursonas with a magical girl transformation sequence


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