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People are doing introductions so here goes!!!

I'm Zest! (they/she) I'm a trans gal living in Northern Ontario with my wife, @MirinaMoo! I draw furries sometimes! I'm also a volunteer moderator here on, so I'm happy to help out if you've got any questions or concerns! I do not have a lot to say about myself aaaa

I hope you have a good day!!

I got a dang good tummy and you would be BLESSED to see it

I'm sleepy and gay and want junk food

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women who voice chat in online games are braver than the US Marines

doin a lil bit of art streaming! Just cleaning up a sketch and then moving on to another commission!

Come say hi!

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If I could just be camping spring-fall I would

Went on a walk to the lake with me wifey and had a picnic! It's still frozen over but it's a really nice day for once

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Hey everyone! Stop and shop workers aren't getting paid while on strike. In order to get by, persevere, and keep striking until management gives in, they need money!! Please donate to our local strike fund in order to help our fellow workers get by on strike!! Share this around and boost please!

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Accepting applications to be my pillows

Softness and or fluffiness is an asset

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