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📌 Hey, I'm Zest! (they/she) I'm a dragon on the internet, and an NB trans gal living in Northern Ontario with my wife!

I'm workin' on making a career out of drawing freelance furry art! I was a mod on Snouts for a while, now I'm just here to hang out and be gay.

You can support me these sites:

You can also find me here: (begrudgingly)

i remember a few years ago I got overdrafted like $40 for literally just going one cent under

Zest is art streaming! Kinda suggestive content (there's a butt) 

Still tryin real hard to get all caught up with my queue before this month is over. hghh gotta make money but I also just.. really want a clean slate before advertising coms again

self promotion, kinda asking for help? 


My in-laws are like the boomeriest boomers



@GlitterDisaster clout seller, I'm logging onto Twitter and I need your strongest clout

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