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Just giving my patreon a lil plug!

If you like what I draw or just wanna support me feel free to check it out! There's just a single $3 tier

I'm not really locking any exclusive content behind it, but what you DO get is access to:
•Full resolution, uncompressed art
•WIPs and scraps
•an ongoing archive of my art, dating back to 2014, with a new upload every day

thank you for reading ilu

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People are doing introductions so here goes!!!

I'm Zest! (they/she) I'm a trans gal living in Northern Ontario with my wife, @MirinaMoo! I draw furries sometimes! I'm also a volunteer moderator here on, so I'm happy to help out if you've got any questions or concerns! I do not have a lot to say about myself aaaa

I hope you have a good day!!

i am out of juice for today im gonna try and get the last of those sketches done tomorrowwwww

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actually, just like, lemme lay on you

this dragon is very sleepy and would like a hug

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The battery life on my phone has taken a nosedive this past week or so and k dunno what could've happened. Maybe it's just getting old? I haven't installed any new apps or updates

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its really warm and thats making drawing hard :C

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All filled up for sketches! Thanks for the interest 💙

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