(to the theme of the super mario bros underground song) burger burger burger

@Manik valid but for what its worth you are super cute already

ever not draw for a long stretch of time and you sit down to try and get back to it and you just stare blankly into the void

@poshgunk that would just be hairless hornless dergy zest

@roxy @poshgunk the one I bought from a pawn shop was barely touched. Still had the film on the screen. I assume someone got it as a gift or something but needed the money and pawned it off

@roxy @poshgunk not to pressure or anything, but buying used (unless you're buying straight from previous owner) usually still comes with like a 30 day return policy. That's plenty of time to realize if something's not right with it imo!

I've been out of art for the last week or two with all the stuff happening to me, anyone got any fun prompts or something for me to help shake the rust off?

Really wanna get cadence of Hyrule but gotta save my money fr campinggggg

I'm gonna sit here and yell until someone pets me

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