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Heres a special chance slot i dont open often.

Im also gonna open for one Bust (so like the second image) comm in this style but less sketchy, or the second pictured style. $45, can be made into a badge format if requested for an extra $5.

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about the article, also about CWs (haha how meta) Show more

My phone updated and now the clock is on the opposite top corner of the screen and it's uncomfortable

Zest is whining and pawing at your face, you forgot to fill her food bowl

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donkey kong 64 has a fetish for everyone

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(me in 2018) god I hope these normies figure out Mastodon soon

(me in 2019) god I hope these normies NEVER figure out Mastodon

@Rei @Odi also found out you can't do duos with the demo, but you can play singles as much as you want

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commission for @otteruw8ing4 !!

(it's secretly for @apow but shhh don't tell them that)

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Sorry I didn't get any commission work done today, ill be back at it tomorrow hopefully

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Everyone shut up shut up shut up and only post about him

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